Supertracker Wheel Alignment


We are the only Garage locally to have invested in a Supertracker system for four wheel alignment, and this means we can do tracking and four wheel alignment for you. Four wheel alignment makes sure that your car steers in the right direction, and makes sure your steering is set up exactly as the manufacturer [...]

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Volvo Auto Gearbox Repairs


Volvo Aisin Warner AW50/55 SN is a great auto gearbox, but can struggle to cover the high mileage most Volvo's normally easily achieve. We would expect a v70 for example to make it to at least 200,000 miles without major issues, but sadly the gearbox can start to give trouble as early as 120,000 miles. [...]

Volvo Auto Gearbox Repairs2022-10-11T16:50:21+01:00

VNT Turbos


Many modern cars employ modern variable nozzle turbochargers known as VNT. These turbos are designed to make engines more powerful with more low down torque, and are particularly good with Diesel engines. Volvo V70 D5's use this system, and it's the main reason why they drive so well and are so tractable. This is an [...]

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